Manage Native OTP tokens via Windows, Part 2

A couple weeks ago someone asked me if OTP4ADC could also support encrypted tokens. And at that time I hadn’t done anything with encrypted tokens on a Citrix ADC. And if you not have heard of the OTP4ADC tool/script you can read my initial blog article from when I released […]

Manage Native OTP tokens via Windows 6

Today I want to release an early (beta) version of a new tool I created, “OTP4ADC” With this tool you can add, remove or change the native OTP tokens used within your Citrix ADC, previously called NetScaler.  It’s a powershell script but when you run it a GUI will be […]


How to use FSlogix AppMasking on Intune managed devices

A while ago I was asked to apply FSLogix App Masking at a company to hide MS Office for certain users. Normally with just Active Directory that’s a done deal. But the targets were Intune managed. And since FSLogix Application Masking Is not yet supporting AzureAD we had to find […]

GenLeCertForNS New Update 12

A lot of new users used my script after writing  my first blog article for Citrix. Since then I made some improvements and continuing to add new features. Today I released the latest version of my “GenLeCertForNS” script. Within this version I solved some issues and improved the overall speed […]

Some Nutanix AHV PowerShell Commands I found useful 6

Recently I needed to script some actions for a VM on Nutanix AHV. I wanted to share with you some of the commands I found and used. I created a small function (Wait-NTNXTask) that verifies the task and waits until the task is finished. Pleas note that this is optional […]

View NVIDIA GRID license details via PowerShell 1

I recently needed to get some NVIDIA GRID license details in PowerShell for a customers monitoring solution. Unfortunately there was no PowerShell script available and also there is no available api to get these details. But I still needed the data in PowerShell, so I created a script that will […]

Office Online apparently only supports TLS 1.0

Recently I had to configure a new NetScaler Citrix ADC for a new ShareFile Citrix Files deployment. Two Storage Zone Controllers load balanced via a Citrix ADC with a Content switch. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was when I activated the Office Online functionality on the Storage Zone Controller configuration page the […]

My very first GUI tool: CtxToolbox! 2

When I started with C# in my spare time I needed a goal, something to build. I have several PowerShell scripts and wanted to add a GUI and so CtxToolbox was born! So what to implement first? I started with the basics and worked up from there, and added the […]