Manage Native OTP tokens via Windows 2

Today I want to release an early (beta) version of a new tool I created, “OTP4ADC” With this tool you can add, remove or change the native OTP tokens used within your Citrix ADC, previously called NetScaler.  It’s a powershell script but when you run it a GUI will be […]

GenLeCertForNS New Update 6

A lot of new users used my script after writing  my first blog article for Citrix. Since then I made some improvements and continuing to add new features. Today I released the latest version of my “GenLeCertForNS” script. Within this version I solved some issues and improved the overall speed […]

Some Nutanix AHV PowerShell Commands I found useful 2

Recently I needed to script some actions for a VM on Nutanix AHV. I wanted to share with you some of the commands I found and used. I created a small function (Wait-NTNXTask) that verifies the task and waits until the task is finished. Pleas note that this is optional […]

View NVIDIA GRID license details via PowerShell 1

I recently needed to get some NVIDIA GRID license details in PowerShell for a customers monitoring solution. Unfortunately there was no PowerShell script available and also there is no available api to get these details. But I still needed the data in PowerShell, so I created a script that will […]

Office Online apparently only supports TLS 1.0

Recently I had to configure a new NetScaler Citrix ADC for a new ShareFile Citrix Files deployment. Two Storage Zone Controllers load balanced via a Citrix ADC with a Content switch. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was when I activated the Office Online functionality on the Storage Zone Controller configuration page the […]

My very first GUI tool: CtxToolbox! 2

When I started with C# in my spare time I needed a goal, something to build. I have several PowerShell scripts and wanted to add a GUI and so CtxToolbox was born! So what to implement first? I started with the basics and worked up from there, and added the […]

Making a remote PowerShell connection

In this article I will make a short description how to make a remote PowerShell connection. I needed this for a job once, tried to make a remote PowerShell connection from a Non Domain Joined machine to a Domain Joined server. I needed to re-configure the server first before making a […]

Hide or change “domain\user or” text in Storefront. 2

The following was tested om 3.10+ versions, not sure if it works on older or 2.x versions. Hide the default text You can hide the default text “domain\user or” in the storefront username field. This can be done by simply editing the “custom style.css” file. This file is located […]