Manage Native OTP tokens via Windows, Part 2

A couple weeks ago someone asked me if OTP4ADC could also support encrypted tokens. And at that time I hadn’t done anything with encrypted tokens on a Citrix ADC. And if you not have heard of the OTP4ADC tool/script you can read my initial blog article from when I released […]

GenLeCertForNS New Update 12

A lot of new users used my script after writing¬† my first blog article for Citrix. Since then I made some improvements and continuing to add new features. Today I released the latest version of my “GenLeCertForNS” script. Within this version I solved some issues and improved the overall speed […]

Let’s Encrypt Certificates on a NetScaler 59

For a while now it’s possible to use Let’s Encrypt certificates, they are trusted (cross signed), secure and most of all FREE! There are already a lot of tools available to generate these certificates. I haven’t come across a tool or script to generate these certificates and upload them to […]

Generate an Let’s Encrypt certificate what can be used on the NetScaler 1

Edit 07-04-2017: Check out my new and updated version! I’m trying to create an (PowerShell) script to automate the Let’s Encrypt certificate creation. Specifically for the Citrix NetScaler. Currently still Work In Progress… It’s not yet finished. The prerequisite is that you have a configured NetScaler (http) Content Switch vServer. […]