Certificate export finished

HowTo – Windows – Export certificate (pfx)

Certificates are an important part of a modern environment. They make communication safer by encrypting the traffic between the client and server. A safe way to move certificates between servers or store them safely is by exporting the certificate (private and public key) to an encrypted format. A commonly used […]

Manage Native OTP tokens via Windows, Part 2

A couple weeks ago someone asked me if OTP4ADC could also support encrypted tokens. And at that time I hadn’t done anything with encrypted tokens on a Citrix ADC. And if you not have heard of the OTP4ADC tool/script you can read my initial blog article from when I released […]

GenLeCertForNS New Update 12

A lot of new users used my script after writing  my first blog article for Citrix. Since then I made some improvements and continuing to add new features. Today I released the latest version of my “GenLeCertForNS” script. Within this version I solved some issues and improved the overall speed […]

Let’s Encrypt Certificates on a NetScaler 60

For a while now it’s possible to use Let’s Encrypt certificates, they are trusted (cross signed), secure and most of all FREE! There are already a lot of tools available to generate these certificates. I haven’t come across a tool or script to generate these certificates and upload them to […]