HowTo – Windows – Export certificate (pfx)

Certificates are an important part of a modern environment. They make communication safer by encrypting the traffic between the client and server. A safe way to move certificates between servers or store them safely is by exporting the certificate (private and public key) to an encrypted format. A commonly used […]

Certificate export finished

Manage Native OTP tokens via Windows, Part 2

A couple weeks ago someone asked me if OTP4ADC could also support encrypted tokens. And at that time I hadn’t done anything with encrypted tokens on a Citrix ADC. And if you not have heard of the OTP4ADC tool/script you can read my initial blog article from when I released […]

How to use FSlogix AppMasking on Intune managed devices

A while ago I was asked to apply FSLogix App Masking at a company to hide MS Office for certain users. Normally with just Active Directory that’s a done deal. But the targets were Intune managed. And since FSLogix Application Masking Is not yet supporting AzureAD we had to find […]


Office Online apparently only supports TLS 1.0

Recently I had to configure a new NetScaler Citrix ADC for a new ShareFile Citrix Files deployment. Two Storage Zone Controllers load balanced via a Citrix ADC with a Content switch. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was when I activated the Office Online functionality on the Storage Zone Controller configuration page the […]

Spontaneously changing default printer

Yesterday I was at a Customers location and they had an issue with their printers on the XenDesktop VDI environment. Some users are using Exact to print all kinds of labels, in this case a Zebra label printer. And while they were printing labels, the label printer was set automagically […]

RES ONE Workspace on Windows 10 lessons learned 7

For a while now Windows 10 is supported with RES ONE Workspace 2015 and up. More and more companies are switching from their old versions (Yes, some of them are still using Windows XP) to Windows 10. I’ve done a couple of implementation now and thought to share some of […]