GenLeCertForNS New Update 12

A lot of new users used my script after writing  my first blog article for Citrix. Since then I made some improvements and continuing to add new features. Today I released the latest version of my “GenLeCertForNS” script. Within this version I solved some issues and improved the overall speed […]

Spontaneously changing default printer

Yesterday I was at a Customers location and they had an issue with their printers on the XenDesktop VDI environment. Some users are using Exact to print all kinds of labels, in this case a Zebra label printer. And while they were printing labels, the label printer was set automagically […]

Convert Server 2016 Evaluation version to Production version

I’ts possible to convert your Server 2016 evaluation version to a production version using one of the following commands depending on your version: Standard:


Source: KMS Client Keys Make sure you’ve installed all windows updates first before continuing.  Keep in mind that it can take a while to […]

RES ONE Workspace on Windows 10 lessons learned 7

For a while now Windows 10 is supported with RES ONE Workspace 2015 and up. More and more companies are switching from their old versions (Yes, some of them are still using Windows XP) to Windows 10. I’ve done a couple of implementation now and thought to share some of […]

The case of the empty Start Menu (Windows 10)

During a project I’m currently working on, with Windows 10, Citrix Xendesktop 7.9, XenServer 7.0 and RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR2 I stumbled upon a issue with RES ONE Workspace and the pinning of items in the Start Menu. I noticed that sometimes my Start Menu was empty, while I […]

Generate an Let’s Encrypt certificate what can be used on the NetScaler 1

Edit 07-04-2017: Check out my new and updated version! I’m trying to create an (PowerShell) script to automate the Let’s Encrypt certificate creation. Specifically for the Citrix NetScaler. Currently still Work In Progress… It’s not yet finished. The prerequisite is that you have a configured NetScaler (http) Content Switch vServer. […]